Principles of New Urbanism: Connectivity

The safety and usability of any one street is impacted by all the streets surrounding it. This concept of connectivity has been an important factor in the planning of Union Village, where the first streets will take shape starting in May 2019.

The careful planning of streets is expected to have a positive impact on the daily lives and health of Union Village residents.

The development has been planned according to 10 new urbanist design principles, making it a one-of-a-kind project in southwest Ohio. An interconnected street grid network will disperse motor traffic and make it easy and enjoyable for pedestrians to reach their daily destinations within a 10-minute walk.

“Interconnected networks of streets should be designed to encourage walking, reduce the number and length of automobile trips, and conserve energy," according to The Charter of the New Urbanism.

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Union Village Development Company was founded in late 2015 as a wholly-owned, for profit subsidiary of the non-profit Otterbein Senior Lifestyle Choices. New Urban Development Partners, LLC, renown for award-winning new urban projects, will be managing the development of Union Village.

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