Principles of New Urbanism: Increased Density

There are many reasons why increased density is a principle of new urbanist design. It places more amenities in a smaller space, reducing the need to drive a car. With less automobile traffic, the community is a more convenient and enjoyable place. This is clearly better for the environment, and a more responsible use of land than sprawling suburbs.  

At Union Village, buildings, residences, shops, and services will be closer together for ease of walking and more efficient use of services and resources. Density will be concentrated at the center of the development.  

Increased density is also better for our health. According to the Congress for New Urbanism, compact, walkable communities like Union Village improve health by encouraging physical activity, lowering risks for obesity and chronic disease. 

This is just one of the 10 principles of new urbanism you’ll find at Union Village. Click here to learn more.

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